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Commercial Insurance in Thailand

What is Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance is coverage for businesses and corporations, generally designed to cover the business, its employees and ownership. It is also known as the Property & Casualty (P&C) segment or ‘Commercial Lines’ or General Insurance or Non-Life Insurance. Since there are so many types of businesses with different operations and insurance risk needs, commercial insurance come in many shapes.

Commercial ‘lines’ insurance helps keep the economy running by protecting businesses from potentially catastrophic financial losses caused by accidents, lawsuits, natural disasters, and other unexpected, adverse events which a business couldn’t afford to cover on its own. It allows businesses to operate when it might otherwise be too risky to do so. While similarities may exist across different commercial insurance policies, each policy will be tailored for the type of business being covered and the insured buyer’s particular needs or the industry specific hazards it faces.

What insurers would want to know about Commercial Insurance applications:

To assess and price a business’s risk, an insurer will typically want to know about:

  • Company type 
  • Place of legal incorporation / domicile.  
  • Number of employees 
  • All it’s locations 
  • Where it operates 
  • All business activities and services  
  • Annual Payroll and Headcount.  
  • Annual revenues by business segment or product or territory.  
  • Years in successful operation 
  • Management Experience & Reputation 
  • Company Structure 
  • Particular risk exposures and whether those exposures are likely to result in frequent or severe losses or both. 
  • The legal and regulatory environment the business operates in.   

What businesses is Commercial Insurance for?

Commercial insurance is available to businesses of various sizes and types across different industries. It is designed to provide financial protection and risk management solutions for businesses, helping to mitigate potential losses due to unforeseen events.

Commercial Insurance is not just available to businesses but organization’s & enterprises of any kind, such as: 

  • Charities and Non Profit Activities 
  • Governments and Executive Functions e.g. police, fire fighters, military.  
  • Educational Institutions e.g. schools, universities, research institutes.  
  • Public Services 
  • Primary Producers e.g. agriculture, farms.  
  • Mining & Resources.  
  • Maritime and Shipping.  
  • Construction. 
  • Banks and other Financial Institutions.  
  • Medical & Health Services. 
  • Entertainment & Events Sector. 

The availability and specific terms of commercial insurance can vary based on factors such as the industry, location, and size of the business. It’s essential for businesses to work with insurance professionals to assess their unique risks and tailor a commercial insurance package that aligns with their specific needs.

Thailand Insurance Services will provide you with the right Commercial Insurance from the leading insurance providers in Thailand for you, your business & employees. We are the leading insurance broker in Thailand for Commercial Insurance coverage.

Cyber Insurance

Protection from online hackers & fraud.

SME Business Insurance Packs | Thailand Insurance Service

Business Pak (SME)

Coverage for your Small to Medium business

Office Insurance

Protection against unexpected events related to your workplace.

employee group benefits-thailand-insurance service

Employee Benefits (Group Health)

Corporate health coverage for your employees.

Third Party Liability Insurance

Coverage against external entities.

Third Party Liability Insurance | Thailand Insurance Service
Broadform Liability Insurance | Thailand Insurance Service

Broadform Liability Insurance

Public and Product liability cover

Employer Liability Insurance

Safeguarding your business against legal and compensation expenses from employee claims.

Employer Liability Insurance | Thailand Insurance Service

Excess Liability Insurance

Close coverage gaps and provide an added layer of protection for your business.

General Liability Insurance (CGL)

Protecting against claims involving bodily injuries and property damage resulting from your products, services or operations.

Personal Liability Insurance | Thailand Insurance Service

Personal Liability Insurance

Protection for compensation claims made against you if you're held responsible for injury or damage to property.

Product Contamination Insurance

Coverage for product recall costs, including laboratory analysis and product transportation.

Product Liability Insurance | Thailand Insurance Service

Product Liability Insurance

Protection against personal injuries caused by your faulty product. Including loss of, or damage to, property caused by your faulty product.

Product Recall Insurance

Covers expenses associated with recalling a product from the market.

Product Recall & Contamination Insurance | Thailand Insurance Service

Public Liability Insurance

Protection from public claims made for incidents that occur in connection with your business activities.

U.S. Exports Insurance

Protection against all third party services when engaging with business in the USA.

Excess & Umbrella Liability Insurance | Thailand Insurance Service

Umbrella Liability Insurance

Excess coverage that takes current liability insurance policies to the next level.

Directors & Officers (D&O) Insurance

Protecting the personal assets of corporate directors, officers and their spouses.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance | Thailand Insurance Service

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Cover from claims and lawsuits over wrongful termination, discrimination, workplace harassment and retaliation.

Entity Securities Liability Insurance

Covering your business when claims are made against your entity in conjunction with securities it has issued.

Non-Profit Insurance

Cover the defence costs, settlements and judgments arising out of lawsuits and wrongful act allegations brought against a nonprofit organisation.

Property All Risk Insurance (IAR)

Cover damage to all types of fixed assets from all unforeseen circumstances

Industrial Special Risks Insurance (ISR)

Provide Property and Business Interruption or Consequential Loss coverage

Business Interruption Insurance (BI)

Coverage that replaces income lost in the event that business is halted due to direct physical loss or damage.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Cover trips to the mechanic not caused by an accident.

Electronic Equipment Insurance

Cover unforeseen physical damage to assets resulting from electronic, electrical or mechanical failure.

Loss of Data Insurance

Protection and support if you fall victim to a cyber-attack.

Machinery & Equipment Insurance

Covers the loss or damage to your immobile or commercial equipment

Fire Insurance

Coverage for loss or damage to a structure or asset damaged or destroyed in a fire.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Policy designed to protect business owners, freelancers and the self-employed if clients claim a service is inadequate.

Professional Indemnity Insurance | Thailand Insurance Service

Errors & Omissions Insurance

Cover the cost of a lawsuit if a client claims your work was inaccurate, late, or never delivered.

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Coverage for claims resulting from allegations of wrong site surgery, misdiagnosis, surgical errors, medication errors, childbirth-related injuries and other claims of wrongdoing.

Medical Malpractice Insurance | Thailand Insurance Service
Architects & Engineers Insurance } Thailand Insurance Service

Architects & Engineers Insurance

Coverage for potential damages relating to construction delays, structural damages, and other potentially costly risks.

School Insurance

Coverage from claims that your institution caused bodily injury or damaged someone else's property.

Professional Liability Insurance

Coverage for financial loss suffered by third parties arising from acts, errors, and omissions in providing professional legal services.

Marine & Inland Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance protects your cargo in transit, over land, sea and air.

Bailee Liability Insurance

Coverage for the damage or destruction of property while in your possession.

Cargo Insurance

Covers loss of or damage to insured goods that are being transported from a start point to a destination where the goods are delivered to a recipient according to the Incoterms.

Inland Transit Insurance

Covers damage to or loss of the insured cargo as a result of an accident during transit overland.

Marine Hull Insurance

Covers the loss or damage to vessels and ships due to both aquatic and non-aquatic related risks.

Marine Liability Insurance

Third party liability cover to various entities involved in the shipping and marine industries.

Protection & Indemnity Insurance

Protects shipowners from third-party liability risks associated with owning and operating a vessel.

Warehouseman Liability Insurance

Cover the legal liability of an insured as a warehouseman or bailee with respect to physical loss or damage to property of customers of the assured at specified locations subject to designated limits.

Project Insurance

Cover 'All risks' of loss or damage to the permanent and temporary works comprising the contract, including the materials, and all things used for, or intended for, incorporation within the contract.

Advance Loss of Profits (ALOP) Insurance

Coverage for financial losses due to delays in construction and infrastructure projects.

Construction Insurance

Cover against damage to buildings while they are under construction.

Contractor All Risk Insurance | Thailand Insurance Service

Contractor All Risk Insurance (C.A.R.)

Protection against loss or damage in respect of contract works, construction plant and equipment and/ or construction machinery, as well as third party claims in respect of property damage or bodily injury.

DSU Insurance (Delayed Start Up)

Cover 'All risks' of loss or damage to the permanent and temporary works comprising the contract, including the materials, and all things used for, or intended for, incorporation within the contract.

Engineering Insurance

Coverage for all the electrical equipment and machinery used under a contract or job.

Fidelity Insurance

Protection against losses that are caused by its employees' fraudulent or dishonest actions. This form of insurance can protect against monetary or physical losses.

Fidelity Insurance | Thailand Insurance Service

Crime Insurance

Protection against employees' theft and any losses from forgery, computer fraud, etc.




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