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Business Pack (SME) Insurance

Business Pack (SME) Insurance provides coverage for your Small to Medium business.


Business Pack (SME) Insurance in Thailand

What is Business Pack (SME) Insurance?

Business Pack (SME) Insurance in Thailand provide a wide range of business insurance protection and lets you tailor the cover you need for your business. This customizable business insurance provides a range of different insurance types all under one policy – making it easy to insure your whole business with one policy.

Business Pack (SME) Insurance is a comprehensive and customizable insurance solution tailored for Small and Medium Enterprises. It combines coverages for property, machinery, electronic equipment, general assets, and key personnel, offering a streamlined and cost-effective approach to risk management for SMEs.

Business Pack SME Brokerage Services

Key Features of Business Pack (SME) Insurance

  • Build your customized policy
  • Holistic business insurance protection under one policy

Business Pack (SME) in Thailand lets you customize your insurance; generally Business package (SME) Insurance covers the following: 


  • Comprehensive insurance for SMEs, protecting physical assets such as buildings, equipment,
  • Safeguards owned or leased business premises against risks like fire, theft, or natural disasters.
  • Covers the contents within the business premises, including equipment, furniture, and inventory, against various perils.
  • Provides coverage for income loss and ongoing expenses if the business is temporarily unable to operate due to covered property damage.

Business Interruption

  • Cover following a loss under fire, money, burglary, glass and general property
  • Accountant fees

Burglary And Money

  • Theft without forcible and violent entry
  • Theft by an employee
  • Damage to premises, damage to safe, and replacement of locks and keys


  • Sign writing, replacing burglar alarm tapes, temporary boarding or replacing damaged window frames.


  • Damage or loss of goods in your care, custody and control
  • Other buildings that are part of your business

Employee Dishonesty

  • Protects SMEs from financial losses due to fraudulent actions by employees.
  • Covers losses resulting from theft, embezzlement, or other dishonest acts committed by staff.
  • Ensures uninterrupted business operations by providing financial security in the face of employee dishonesty.
  •  Specifically designed for small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • A crucial component of the SME Business Pack, offering comprehensive coverage for various business risks.

Machinery Breakdown

  • Covers the cost of repairing or replacing machinery damaged due to breakdown.
  • Addresses the financial impact of machinery breakdown by compensating for income loss and ongoing expenses during the downtime.
  • Tailored for businesses that rely on specialized machinery, ensuring comprehensive coverage for unique equipment needs.
  • Mitigates the financial risks associated with machinery breakdown, allowing SMEs to maintain operational efficiency.

Electronic Equipment

  • Safeguards SMEs against financial losses due to the sudden and accidental breakdown of electronic devices and equipment.
  • Covers expenses for repairing or replacing electronic equipment damaged by covered perils.
  • Addresses the potential loss of valuable data stored on electronic devices, providing financial support for data recovery efforts.
  • Mitigates income loss and ongoing expenses during the period of disruption caused by electronic equipment breakdown.

General Property

  • Provides comprehensive insurance for a wide range of movable property, including tools, equipment, and other assets not fixed to a specific location.
  • Protects movable property such as tools, laptops, and equipment used in various locations outside the premises.
  • Safeguards against financial losses resulting from theft, damage, or loss of general property.
  • Tailored options to suit the value and nature of the general property owned by the SME.

Tax Investigation

  • Shields SMEs from the financial burden associated with the costs of a tax investigation.
  • Covers professional fees, such as accounting and legal expenses, incurred during a tax investigation.
  • Provides support for the costs associated with audits, ensuring SMEs can navigate tax investigations without excessive financial strain.
  • Mitigates the risk of unexpected expenses related to tax inquiries, helping SMEs maintain financial stability.

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