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Property All Risk Insurance (IAR)

Property All Risk Insurance (IAR) covers damage to all types of fixed assets from all unforeseen circumstances.


Property All Risks Insurance (IAR) For Companies In Thailand

What is Property All Risks Insurance (IAR)

Property All Risks Insurance in Thailand covers loss arising from any fortuitous cause except those that are specifically excluded. This is in contrast to named perils coverage, which applies only to loss arising out of causes that are listed as covered.

Every business faces a unique set of risks and hazards. With our global capacity, Thailand Insurance Service can tailor products to meet any customers’ needs whether it is a mid or large-sized, local or multinational company.

Thailand Insurance Service has the experience, knowledge and tools to help companies prevent losses from happening, and minimize the impact when they do. We have been helping clients design customized property risk management programmes, including tailored engineering services.

We have extensive experience and capacity in primary, excess and All Risk Property Insurance.

What does Property All Risks Insurance (IAR) Cover:

We’ll consider a broad spectrum of occupancies, including those covered by Property All Risks Insurance (IAR):

  • Apartment buildings
  • Colleges and universities 
  • Commercial offices / retail blocks
  • Financial institutions
  • Hospitals and larger clinics
  • Infrastructure (such as toll roads and bridges)
  • Light Industrial / manufacturing companies with a risk management philosophy
  • Modern hotels and resorts
  • Ports
  • Radio and TV broadcasting facilities
  • Real estate owners / portfolios
  • Schools / Churches
  • Shopping centres, malls, plazas etc.
  • Sports facilities / stadiums
  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities (large / modern)

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