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Industrial All Risks Insurance (IAR)

Industrial All Risks Insurance (IAR) provides Property and Business Interruption or Consequential Loss coverage.


Industrial All Risks Insurance (IAR) In Thailand

What is Industrial All Risks Insurance (IAR)?

Industrial All Risks (IAR) Insurance in Thailand is a meticulously designed and inclusive package policy specifically crafted to furnish comprehensive coverage for material damage and business interruption within a business enterprise, ensuring protection against a wide array of risks and perils, with the sole exceptions being those meticulously delineated as exclusions within the policy terms.


Coverage is defined into two sections as follows:

  • Section 1: Material Damage – It covers accidental physical loss or damage (including machinery breakdown) to the property insured due to any cause (other than excluded causes).
  • Section 2: Business Interruption – It covers loss due to business interruption following a Physical loss or damage to the property covered under the material damage section of the policy.

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What does Industrial All Risks Insurance cover?

Industrial All Risks Insurance (IAR) is a comprehensive insurance policy designed to provide coverage for a broad range of risks that businesses may encounter. While the specific coverage can vary based on the policy and the needs of the insured business, here are common elements that Industry All Risks Insurance may cover:

Material Damage: Protection against physical damage or loss to the insured property, including buildings, machinery, equipment, and inventory, caused by events such as fire, explosion, natural disasters, vandalism, or accidental damage.

Business Interruption: Coverage for financial losses resulting from a temporary shutdown of business operations due to a covered event. This can include lost revenue, fixed expenses, and additional costs incurred during the interruption.

Machinery Breakdown: Insurance against sudden and accidental breakdowns of machinery, covering repair or replacement costs.

Liability Coverage: Protection against legal liabilities arising from third-party bodily injury or property damage on the insured premises or as a result of the insured’s operations.

Electronics and Equipment Coverage: Protection for electronic equipment, computers, and specialized machinery against damage or loss.

Natural Disasters: Coverage for damage caused by events such as earthquakes, floods, storms, or other natural disasters, depending on the policy terms.

Employee Dishonesty: Coverage for financial losses resulting from fraudulent activities or dishonest acts committed by employees.

Customization for Industry-Specific Risks: Tailoring coverage to address specific risks faced by businesses in particular industries, such as manufacturing, construction, or technology.

It’s crucial for businesses to carefully review the terms, conditions, and exclusions of their Industry All Risks Insurance policy to understand the scope of coverage and ensure that it aligns with their specific needs and risks. Working with insurance professionals can help in customizing the policy to suit the unique aspects of a particular business.

The following extensions are made available:

  • Plate Glass coverage
  • Money coverage
  • Full Theft coverage
  • Fidelity Guarantee coverage
  • Functional Replacement Value
  • Employees’/Guests’ Effects

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