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Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance covers your bills if you get too sick or injured to work.


Disability Insurance in Thailand

What is Disability Insurance?

A disability insurance policy will pay out to the beneficiary when a person is unable to work due to the disability. Coverage will ensure that in the event of disease or accident that impends the policy holder, that they will be fully protected to receive financial benefit. In addition to covering the policy holders income, the insurance will also cover all medical expenses and bills. There are a number of policies available, both long and short term, which have different levels of cover and benefits. Contact Thailand insurance Service to discuss the different options available.

Types of Disability Insurance

Short Term Disability Insurance

Short-term disability insurance provides insurance for a set period of time. For most disability insurance policies in Thailand, the short-term policy have a maximum period of two years. Though these policies can be renewed at the end of each 2 years, Thailand Insurance Service do recommend that we go through all the pros and cons of Short and Long term policy in order to ensure you have the most suitable insurance.

Long Term Disability Insurance

It is extremely common for people to take out an insurance policy on their most valuable assets such their home, vehicle and also their health. They do not commonly protect themselves against unforeseeable occurrences such as the inability to work. Aside for covering yourself with accident and health coverage, it is important that every individual is protected with a disability insurance plan – covering your livelihood in the event that you are no longer able to work and receive a steady income. Many instances of long-term non-employment or long periods of no income due to developing a disability can hugely impact a persons lifestyle and quality of life if they have no cover.

There are numerous policies and levels of cover available to ensure that if a person suffers a serious injury or illness, or a permanent disability which in turn prevent them from working then being protected under a disability insurance policy will ensure that the person still receives an income.

Disability Insurance Brokerage Services

Disability Insurance Policy Eligibility

Eligibility for disability insurance typically requires individuals to be actively employed and in good health at the time of application. Insurers assess factors such as occupation, income, and medical history to determine eligibility. Pre-existing health conditions or high-risk occupations may affect approval and premium rates.

Disability Insurance Exclusions

Exclusions from disability insurance policies generally include:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Self-inflicted injuries
  • Disabilities from illegal activities or substance abuse
  • Exclusions related to high-risk activities
  • Specific medical conditions may be excluded
  • Thorough review of policy exclusions is essential for understanding limitations and ensuring

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