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Personal Health Insurance

Personal Health Insurance covering all of your medical treatment & expenses.


Personal Health Insurance in Thailand

What does Personal Health Insurance cover?

Personal health insurance, also known as private health insurance, provides coverage for a variety of medical expenses and healthcare services. The specific coverage can vary depending on the insurance plan.

Personal health insurance is about protecting yourself (as well as your family) and your bank account, in order to avoid any unfortunate result such as disablement or loss of life due to financial constraints. 

In Thailand, policies are sold in the open market on a ‘buyer beware’ basis. It is not a policy that should be purchased in a hurry. Many variables apply that affect the cost and level of protection.

Items of coverage under a Personal Health Insurance policy:

  • Medical Card – direct settlement, with or without pre-authorisation of charges. 
  • Direct Settlement for both Inpatient and Outpatient. 
  • Guaranteed renewability
  • Max age for new acceptance. 
  • Age premium increase bands
  • Annual rate / inflation increases
  • Claims increases or nil claims discounts
  • Sports & Social exclusions
  • Portability: being able to take it with you to a different country. 
  • Instalment Options and fees.  
  • Voluntary Deductible discount options available
  • Territory options – Worldwide cover vs. selected areas. 
  • USA Cover – full cover or emergency only. 
  • Pre-approved hospital list or not. 
  • Card recognition & settlement ability – overseas and locally
  • Family Options – child rates, co-payments, free allowances, new-born benefits. 
  • Inclusion of non-medical extras e.g. equipment, transport, medical aids, prosthetics, home nursing.
  • Pre-existing conditions cover.  
  • Rates – moratorium vs. underwritten vs. pool / community rating
  • Benefit Limits – per illness, per year, lifetime or combination
  • Deductibles – per claim, per illness, per year or combination + applicable to Inpatient or Outpatient
  • Any additional claim co-payments
  • ‘Wellness Benefits’ e.g. routine, annual check-ups and examinations, vaccinations.
  • Outpatient cover – full or capped for discount
  • Cover Add On’s – Maternity, Dental, Optical, Travel Insurance, Out of Area Cover
  • Newborn cover.
  • Local vs. Offshore policy – international payments, exchange rates, service language, claims payments, response times, appeal avenues. 
  • Application form & medical examinations
  • Alternative treatments, dieticians, Chinese medicine, IVF.
  • Telemedicine services. 
  • Cover for prescriptions, vitamins and supplements. 
  • Plan rules & restrictions. 
  • Specimen policy wordings available in ENG to review before buying. 
  • Life & Disability cover included. 
  • Chronic / Serious Illness benefits – outpatient vs inpatient, full limit vs sub-limit.
  • Local consumer law protection and regulation.  

Personal Health Insurance brokerage services


It’s important to note that coverage can vary significantly between different health insurance plans. Policy holders need to carefully review the terms and conditions of any specific plan, including any exclusions or limitations. Additionally, factors such as premiums, deductibles, co-payments, and coinsurance can impact the overall cost and coverage of the insurance plan. 

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