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AI Cloud That Will Help SMEs Break into the Chinese Market

A Shenzhen-based company, Tencent, has developed an AI Cloud that will Help SMEs break the Chinese market.

The Chief Operating Officer for Tencent, Chang Foo, has said that this AI Cloud is a “must-have technology” for Thai SME and large businesses alike. This will help to transform their operations to compete in the borderless, digital economy.

This transition into the digital market world using Tencent’s technology and services shall also provide the know-how needed for a smooth, successful transition into China’s market, where its products and services are ubiquitous, Chang said.

Since COVID, the online marketing scene has really taken off, more so than before. Businesses in Thailand can now equip themselves with the cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. These products are necessary to give them a competitive edge in the emerging digital economy globally. This software shall also allow them to push into the Chinese market. 

AI is becoming more and more regarded as the key to accelerating efforts to engage consumers. The International Data Corporation recently reported that companies in the region are investing heavily in technology that focuses on digital interaction. This will help to aid and develop enhanced customer engagement. 

Chang said that this will help SMEs break the Chinese market as it can respond to swift changes in customer expectations. 

Business transactions now require online data dissemination, enhanced security, storage, processing and transfer, as well as management, Chang said.

AI technology is the way forward for companies in Thailand. Due to the growing use of digital audio and video, to improve customer engagement, businesses need to replicate in-person interactions. This is what this new AI technology can do for businesses of all sizes well. 

As Thai companies continue shifting to cloud computing, Tencent can provide the technology to accomplish this. The rapid increase in digital technology in Thailand is also increasing opportunities for Tencent to sell its Digital Enabler, he said.

Chang went on to say, “As we enter the era of ‘Immersive Convergence’, with digital technology at the forefront of this transition, the integration of digital technology and the real economy has become a top priority. We are witnessing the formation of a stronger connection between the digital and real worlds as mainstream technologies become more widely used.” 

The increased use in AI technologies means that your company is more prone to the threat of an online attack. Make sure you have the right insurance for your company to ensure maximum success.