Budget of 212M Baht to Support the Filming of Foreign Films in Thailand

The cabinet circle approved a budget of 212 million baht to support the filming of 6 foreign films in Thailand, pointing out that it is a measure that benefits the country and is worthwhile. The investment is distributed to the different areas where the filming is done.

On September 20, 2022, the Deputy Spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office, revealed that the Cabinet meeting (Cabinet) has approved the budget allocation for the year 2022, the central budget, the reserve fund for emergencies or necessary To support the production of 6 foreign films in the Kingdom, with a total budget of 212.102 million baht. 

For requesting budget allocation this time because the Department of Tourism Ministry of Tourism and Sports which is an agency that has been assigned to oversee the implementation of measures to promote foreign filming in Thailand (Incentive Measures), there is still insufficient budget. Since in 2022, the budget for this project has been allocated in the amount of 167.612 million baht, with the said amount already disbursed and bound by the budget of 154.940 million baht and another 7.957 million baht in the fourth quarter of 2022, so the remaining money in the said project. Only 4.715 million baht, not enough for spending to refund the promotion measures for filmmakers of 6 movies that require a total budget of 216.818 million baht. Additional support is required.  

Furthermore, the government has implemented measures to promote Filming foreign movies in Thailand since 2017, offering benefits to filmmakers who invest in Thailand from 50 million baht or more. In the form of a 15-20% cash rebate, since the start of the project, 43 foreign films have been filmed in Thailand, generating revenue in the economy of approximately 8,560 million baht. Cash rebate has been returned to entrepreneurs. 22 issues totaling 541.497 million baht. It is considered a measure that benefits the country and is worthwhile. The investment from all the filmmakers is distributed to different areas. which are filming locations across the country 

As for the 6 movies that have requested an additional budget of 212.102 million baht this time The filming was completed during 2021. There are 4 movies from the United States, 1 French and 1 Singaporean, all scheduled to be released by 2022. All 6 films have been brought in to spend 1,193.84 million baht in Thailand. Team work and 12,000 related personnel, resulting in a turnover that creates a multiplicative effect on the economy, totaling 2,384 million baht.

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