Burglary of Three Homes Owned by Expat in Tailand

Burglary of Three Homes Owned by Expat in Thailand

 A Danish expat living in Koh Samui returned home from a five-month holiday to a most unpleasant surprise. Someone had ransacked his three homes and stolen nearly everything inside. The 43 year old man had been travelling abroad for nearly half a year with his Thai wife. Their homes are in Maenam on the northern coast of the popular holiday island. Damages and stolen items totalled over 3 million baht, according to the couple’s estimate.

 Maenam is generally a peaceful and quiet subdistrict in Koh Samui, about 20 minutes drive from the busy tourist and party area in Chaweng. The couple’s property held three two-storey wooden houses in a quiet area. The Danish man said he has lived in Samui for 15 years and never experienced anything similar to having his homes ransacked and his possessions stolen.

 Possessions such as a 50,000 baht mountain bike and a 30,000 baht television were pilfered. Four leather sofas worth a total of 120,000 baht were also taken and 80,000 baht worth of air conditioners had even been pried off the walls. The thieves didn’t steal gently either. The houses were trashed, with holes in the walls and ceilings and anything they didn’t take was strewn all over the floors.

 The couple normally had a housekeeper taking care of the three houses, but she had left around the same time they started travelling. A relative of the man’s wife had seen two men on a motorbike making many trips to the empty homes while the owners travelled. She thought it was suspicious and went to check on the houses only to find them completely destroyed and stripped of valuables.

 The relative said she believes that the thieves must live in a neighbouring community. After contacting the Koh Samui Police, officers investigated and found one 42 year old man who had some of the stolen items from his homes.
They are searching for more people involved in the crime now. The Danish man said he no longer feels safe in his community.

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