CAAT issues notice to tourists to have US$10,000 health insurance

Some visitors must show minimum US$10,000 health insurance

The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) from Monday will require visitors whose next destinations require proof of a negative Covid-19 test to show health insurance coverage worth at least US$10,000.

The Transport Minister of Thailand said on Sunday the CAAT’s notice requires visitors who must test negative for Covid-19 before leaving Thailand to show proof of health insurance coverage worth at least $10,000 in case the test leads to Covid-19 treatment.

People holding passports from Thailand and the United Nations, those with diplomatic passports and those in transit are exempted from the health insurance requirement.

The CAAT will also require air travellers aged 18 and over to have documented proof of at least two doses of Covid-19 vaccine or of their full recovery from Covid-19 within the previous 180 days.

Visitors who do not meet the vaccination requirements must have relevant medical certificates explaining why.

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