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Covid Concerns Over New Cases in Thaliand

Just as Thailand starts to open and relax regulations regarding face masks and travel, Covid rears its ugly head once more. Thai health and administrative officials have been told to prepare for rising numbers of Covid-19 cases.

The director-general of the Department of Disease Control, told the Government House that the permanent secretaries for health and interior had already ordered health officials to be ready for a possible increase in coronavirus cases.

“It is a normal preparatory measure. It is better to be prepared. Everyone should be prepared,” he said.

The Public Health Minister, said they were ready for a new influx of Covid-19 cases, due to the reopening of the borders. He stated that “The number of seriously ill patients and deaths are under control because most people have been vaccinated.”

People who had three doses of vaccine already wouldn’t have severe symptoms. Therefore the officials were ordered to prepare medical supplies and facilities. Special precautions were advised for unvaccinated people and those with underlying illnesses.

The Health Permanent Secretary of Thailand said that small waves of Covid-19 infection were possible because of the reopening of the country, as Thailand was entering a post-pandemic period.

“Small waves are likely, so the health system is made ready … Personal protection can reduce infections and stop such small waves,” he said.

However, should people fall sick through natural occurrence and if the government health policy doesn’t cover that particular illness, businesses are able to protect their employees health through private group employee insurance.

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