Cyber Insurance and Protection for Cloud Based Systems

Thai SMEs are in the midst of an evolution as cloud technology continues to develop.

Cloud computing can transform how small and mid-sized enterprises work. It can swiftly accelerate their ability to thrive during the digital transformation, NetApp country manager for Thailand.

Referring to the remote servers cloud computing uses, NetApp expressed how cloud computing gives businesses the flexibility, scalability, and agility necessary to increase innovation and enhance value.

Businesses in Thailand are aware of how important digital transformation is key to their competitiveness. Deloitte performed a recent study which found 95% of Thai businesses it surveyed agreed that digital transformation was necessary for their survival. As Thai businesses become make to transition to cloud based systems rather than traditional in-house paper based systems, it is critical that they are protected against data theft and acts of malice.

As Thai companies evolve and develop their digital platforms, cyber threats becoming a primary concern for business owners; it is necessary to ensure that the correct security protocols are implemented together with the necessary insurance policies to protect against cyber crime or any other issues that may arise.

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Source: The Nation Thailand