Luxury Thai Island Hotel Damaged by Fire

Luxury Thai Island Hotel Damaged by Fire

 Several buildings of a luxury hotel were engulfed in flames on March 6 and damage was estimated at 200-300 million baht which did not include about 20 million baht worth of visitors’ lost valuables.

 Pol Maj Gen, commander of Trat police, together with local administrators inspected the hotel on the eastern island of Koh Kood. There three hotel buildings were totally burnt and their damage was estimated at 200-300 million baht. Meanwhile, guests’ valuables lost in the blaze were estimated at about 20 million baht because they included two Rolex watches and a diamond ring.

 The fire started at the biggest room of the resort hotel. The room rate was normally set at 800,000 baht per night but during the Covid-19 crisis the hotel management cut it to 300,000-400,000 baht.

 The hotel remained operational with its restaurants and other facilities being intact while police were investigating the cause of the fire. The hotel management said the bedrooms of all its villas were equipped with smoke detectors.

 It was reported that the Koh Kood hotel had fire insurance coverage worth 953 million baht with five insurance firms. (TNA)

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