Stolen Gemstones

Stolen Gemstones Recovered at Thai Airport

 The owner of a jewellery trading company on Thursday offered a 500,000- baht reward for information leading to the recovery of gems worth more than 10 million baht stolen on Wednesday morning.

 The owneer said the missing gems were stolen on Wednesday at 5am while in the safekeeping of Malca-Amit Secured Transport (Thailand) Ltd on the day they were to be displayed at the 58th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair 2016 at Impact Muang ThongThani.

 The owner stated Malca-Amit Secured Transport was hired by the company to look after four boxes of gems as it attended the gems and jewelry fair for the first time.

 The owner said two of the four boxes had been opened and 32 gem items weighing 440 grammes inside were missing. The theft took place at 5am but the company did not inform him until 11am. He did not give details about how the gems were stolen.

The missing gems were covered under a 10 million baht insurance contract with Malca-Amit. But Mr Wanich said some of them had been in his company’s possession for a long time and he wanted them back. He offered 500,000 baht to anyone who can give information leading to the recovery of the missing precious stones.

The owner has filed a complaint at Yannawa police station, he said, adding he has used the services of the company several times. Late Wednesday night police arrested five Filipinos on charges of stealing a diamond necklace worth about 300,000 baht from the same fair.

Five People were arrested at Don Mueang airport at 11.30pm on Wednesday with the necklace in their baggage as

they were arranging for a departure flight. The group arrived in Thailand on Monday and the theft took place at the

fair on Wednesday, the tourist police commander said that tey had return fares for next Monday, a day after the fair ended on Sunday, he said. Police have stepped up security measures at the venue.


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